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Experience & Education

As President of Pacific Ghost Forestry Services, Inc., Mr. Ryan Ferrill has nearly 20 years of experience in various fields of the forestry industry.  During that time, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management from Oregon State University.  Before entering college, Ryan spent 4 years in the US Navy where he was deployed to the Persian Gulf 3 times.  All of this education and experience has resulted in a well trained and disciplined forester. 

Personalized Approach

Living, playing and raising family in the Northwest (specifically the Columbia River Gorge), we are vested in how forestry is done in and around our home.  We are lucky to consider many of our clients our neighbors and we act accordingly.  Our clients can expect honesty, integrity and strong moral ethics in both our dealings and how we approach forest management.  We do things right and won't compromise!

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