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Forest Sunrays

Located only in the Pacific Northwest, the blacktail deer makes the thick and unforgivingly rugged forest lands its home.  By wildlife enthusiasts and hunters alike, the blacktail deer, and specifically older, male members of the species, are known affectionately as the "Ghost of the Pacific".  Having an uncanny ability to appear and disappear just as quickly, many find themselves wondering if they actually saw these large elusive creatures at all.  With a relatively small home range, very few animals in the PNW woods are as intimately knowledgeable with the forests they live in.  Naming our company after them was both a show of respect to their level of intellect and an ode to their familiarity with the forests they call home.

Male Black-tailed Deer (Odocoileus hemionus) in alert. Foothills Park Santa Clara County C
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