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"Pacific Ghost Forestry Services managed a 14 acre timber harvest on private land for my family.  We asked that Ryan Ferrill handle all aspects of the project from permits, to hiring and managing loggers to replanting.  We couldn't be more happy with his efforts and the results.  He has come several times to check on the growth of the next generation of trees.  Ryan is a professional.  He truly cares about what he does."

                                                                                 -Chris & Lynn Richards, Stevenson, WA
"Ryan professionally managed our project from start to finish.  From securing the right loggers, to negotiating the best prices in the log market.  In doing so, he greatly improved our profitability.  After the logging was done, he wrote a new forest management plan, secured the seedlings and made sure replanting met the requirements for the DNR.  Ryan is a great choice for all your forest management needs."

                                                                                 -G & M Spencer, Stevenson, WA
"Ryan did a great job on our conservation oriented forestry project, coming in on time and under budget.  Our parents' severely overgrown forest was a disaster waiting to happen, and he helped us develop and carry out a plan to not only thin it to create better forest health, but also create grassy pocket meadows for wildlife, while leaving mother trees standing.  Ryan found us conservation-oriented sub contractors, including loggers, masticators, and seed suppliers.  We highly recommend his services"

                                                                                -Earley/Downes Family, Parkdale, OR
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