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Below is a few of the services we provide.  Please call for a consultation as every project is unique and we couldn't possibly cover all of the services we are capable of performing
Timber Cruising & Valuation

Timber can be much more valuable than people expect.  We specialize in obtaining detailed forest inventories for various land owners and managers.  Once a timber cruise has been conducted, we can apply current log prices and harvest related costs to your timber inventory so that a realistic net value can be determined.  Our reports are used for various purposes such as: determining expected logging revenues, estate planning purposes, high level financial decisions, acquisitions, dispositions and more.  We've worked with the largest industrial landowners/managers, government entities and private timberland owners big & small.  Knowledge is key when determining how to manage your timbered lands and forest inventory is one of the most powerful bits of information an owner or manager can have.

Harvest Operation Management

Harvesting timber and the steps leading up to it and beyond can be daunting.  We specialize in obtaining your forest inventory and value, permitting with the respective State Forestry Departments, harvest unit field layout, hiring and managing loggers, log marketing, log accounting, excise tax return preparation, site preparation and replanting.  With little exception, each of these steps is actually part of the permitted "harvesting operation".  We can manage the whole project for the landowner or individual pieces as desired.  Similar to hiring a general contractor to oversee the building of a new home, we'll manage your harvest operation so that you the landowner/manager are only dealing with our firm.  You'll rest easy knowing your project is in the hands of experienced and honest foresters.

Management Planning

Whether you've owned your forestland for decades, or have just recently obtained it, we can help you decided what to do with it going forward.  Detailed plans can be prepared specifically for your property with your specific goals in mind.  Timelines of action will be determined for the various "stands" on your property.  Steps will be addressed to obtain and/or maintain optimal forest health.  Whether you're just looking to be a good steward of your forestland or need a forest management plan for tax classification purposes, we have the experience and quality of work to make sure that your plan is clearly tailored to your property and goals. 

GIS Mapping & Analysis

GIS, or Geographic Information System is a way to visualize and analyze various data sets through mapping.  It is a very powerful tool that allows a forester to analyze vast amounts of data and their spatial relationships with the touch of a finger.  We use the most up-to-date GIS software to analyze and map data for our clients.  Whether it be an industrial clients 50,000 acre tree farm, or a small woodland owners 10 acres, we can compare data and explain relationships to the client in regard to their timberland and all of its resources.  The options and questions that can be answered about your resources are only limited by a persons imagination.  This is a very powerful tool and we have become very skilled at using it to assist our clients. 

Silviculture Forestry

Silviculture, by definition, is the art and science of growing trees.  Examples are site prep, burning of residual slash, replanting, pre-commercial thinning, fertilizing applications, herbicide treatments, etc.  We are well versed in many of these activities and/or work closely with contractors who are.  Please give us a call if you're curious about silviculture activities or just need consultation on when and where these activities need to occur.

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